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1st Multi-Family Property in Less Than 30 Days!

6 Properties Since Joining Our Mentoring Program...

3 Properties Using Other People's Money! 

Rowhome In Vancouver Using 100% OPM!!

Purchased 5 Properties in The Last 5 Months In USA!!

34 Units Since Joining The Action Family™!!

The last Real Estate Investing Mentors you will ever need...

"This is truly an A-Z program."


Real Estate Investor

“Before the Action Family™, my goal was to purchase one rental property a year for the next 10 years to hopefully create wealth… In the past year, I was able to buy 5 properties using OPM with the Action Family™!”


Real Estate Investor

“Our FIRST DEAL out of province after joining the AF! I would like to thank Investor Mel & Dave and members of the AF for posts and online exchanges that enabled us to reach the success we have achieved so far. We are so excited and feel it will only get better from here on!"


Real Estate Investor

”Just wanted to pass on a personal thank you to Dave as his advice (and a bit of Univers magic) enabled us to get a local 4 plex when the deal was dead... BTW the 4 plex makes 10 units in 12 months since we started."


“As the name suggest, Action Family™, it motivates you to take action. So I was very inspired by Mel & Dave and other community people who keep achieving things. I inmediately jumped into action and bought a triplex”

Susan & Daniel

“I told Dan " Look at what they are doing! We have to find a way to do this " and then we signed up. Literally not that long after we bought an 8-plex.”


"To go into real estate we thought we have to be rich or we have to have money... But we proved it wrong! We are heading to 100 doors now!"


"We have four properties in Ohio, and then we have one property that we just closed on in Florida. We have the five properties now and that is in the last five months!"


“July 29th I finished the videos and my first deal happened the same day!”

Amy & Jordan

“Within 5 to 6 months time, we have purchased a total of 13 doors, and it’s all 100% OPM!!!”


“I want the opportunity to encourage others as well. So, this is our first property in Arnprior. We are gonna fix this home and flip it. We used none of our own money to get this property…”


“I have five properties now, OPM. (Other People’s Money). The Action Family™ Mentoring Program helped me a lot, it expanded my mindset and it definitely boosted out in me.”

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